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VeriFone Mobile Money Appoints Regional Sales Director for Asia

SINGAPORE, Oct. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — VeriFone Mobile Money Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Colin Song as Regional Sales Director Asia.

VeriFone Mobile Money is a joint venture between VeriFone Inc. and Mobilis Networks Limited to drive the adoption of mobile money and wallet solutions globally. The company has a range of solutions for various segments of the market including banking and finance, mobile operators and transport companies. Its solutions leverage operators existing investments in wallet and payment technologies and integrate these with the retail point of sale where 70% of the world’s population transact on a daily basis.

“VeriFone Mobile Money has a unique role to play in the Asia region where operators are adopting new payment technologies rapidly,” said Chris Jones, CEO of VeriFone Mobile Money. “Song’s role will allow us to expand operations and take advantage of his deep experience working with large operators throughout the region to implement mobile payment technologies. We’re excited to have him on the team to help guide service providers to maximize the investments that they are making in this new technology.”

VeriFone Mobile Money specializes in solutions to drive the adoption of contactless payments, banking and payments globally. The company has pioneered technology for International Remittance using biometric finger printing, developed software to enable mobile payments and banking at the point of sale and led the development of a number of tap on and tap off solutions for transport and card company operators globally.

“We have a unique product,” added Jones. “Through our relationship with VeriFone Inc., the global leader in point of sale terminal technologies, we are enabling service providers globally to replicate their offerings to the place where their customers transact on a daily basis, the point of sale terminal.”

Song will drive in-direct sales with Mobile Commerce, Mobile Wallet and payment service providers in the region while also driving our direct sales through existing and new service provider customers.


Vertu Presents New Constellation at One Mayfair, London — A New Kind of Extraordinary

LONDON, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Vertu, the market leader in luxury mobile communications, celebrated the highly anticipated launch of its latest handset, the new Constellation, in London last night. Friends of the brand gathered for the evening to discover the new device at the magnificent One Mayfair.

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Guests were welcomed in to an extraordinary evening, in a fantasy landscape echoing the English countryside, the concept for which was taken from Vertu’s vibrant new advertising campaign shot by renowned photographer Kristian Schuller. Headlining the evening’s entertainment were Goldfrapp, who treated guests to a fabulous set, including tracks from their recently released album, Tales of Us. The glamorous evening event was attended by a whole host of international guests from across the worlds of art, fashion and design including Alison Goldfrapp, Dylan Jones, Caroline Rush, Tony Chambers, Emma McQuiston, Nicholas Coleridge and Melissa Odabash.

The evening was hosted by Vertu Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani, who commented: “We are delighted to showcase the new Constellation at this global launch in London, the first in a series of launch events that will take place around the world over the coming weeks. This is a period of positive transformation for the company. Vertu is on an incredible journey that sees us build on our heritage while fundamentally reshaping the brand for future growth.”

Vertu pioneered the luxury mobile phone category with the launch of the iconic ‘Signature’ phone in 2002. Since then it has dominated the category that it created, despite competition from many larger brands over the years. Each phone is handmade in a state-of-the-art facility in Hampshire, England, and on completion is signed by the craftsman that created it — an indication of the passion, pride and dedication that goes into each product. With the launch of Constellation, a modern smartphone that combines expertise in fine materials, craftsmanship, technology and services, Vertu is showcasing a contemporary form that has been designed and engineered to appeal equally to the male and female customer worldwide.

Notes to editors:

Vertu aims to deliver the world’s best luxury mobile phone experience for its customers by combining expert craftsmanship and peerless materials with innovative technology and unique services. Today, Vertu leads the market that it pioneered over a decade ago.

The Vertu range of mobile phones is made up of three distinct models — Vertu Ti, Signature and Constellation. Vertu mobile phones are handmade in England using the world’s finest materials, with each one assembled by a single craftsman.

Vertu is renowned for its curated services; a suite of carefully selected exclusive offers, content and assistance especially selected to enhance the Vertu customer’s lifestyle. Vertu LIFE offers personalised recommendations and privileged access to experiences and events. Vertu CERTAINTY delivers security for customers, their data and their phones.

Vertu is available from around 500 stores, including 70 Vertu Boutiques, in 66 countries.

Cellebrite Extends its Line of Mobile Forensics Solutions with PC-Based UFED Software, Turnkey Hardware

Cellebrite the first and only mobile forensics vendor to provide a full range of flexible platform options for lab and field personnel

PETAH TIKVA, Israel, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cellebrite, the leading developer and provider of mobile data forensic solutions, today announces the launch of the UFED 4PC and UFED TK. Together with the UFED Touch, UFED 4PC and UFED TK constitute the first and only complete series of mobile forensic solutions across dedicated single purpose and general purpose PC-based hardware platforms to accommodate the broadest range of lab and field use cases.


UFED 4PC is designed for customers who require a convenient, cost-effective way to extract and analyze mobile forensic data on a single PC of their choosing. UFED TK supports users who seek to extract and analyze mobile forensic data on a pre-configured PC hardware platform. UFED 4PC may be installed on any Windows®-based PC, while UFED TK features the UFED 4PC software pre-installed and configured on a rugged PC hardware platform available directly from Cellebrite.

“The launch of the UFED 4PC and UFED TK extends the reach of our industry standard technology across multiple platforms,” said Ron Serber, Cellebrite’s co-CEO. “This means customers have the best possible flexibility in choosing a mobile forensic solution in the right form factor to meet their investigative needs, and that UFED classic customers have multiple options to migrate to our next-generation mobile forensic solutions.

Cellebrite’s UFED Series assists legally authorized investigative bodies such as law enforcement officials, military and intelligence organizations, corporate security officers and e-discovery professionals working on criminal or civil investigations. The UFED 4PC and UFED TK enable these professionals to standardize on a seamless mobile forensic process using a single platform, helping them meet the growing demand for fast, effective and forensically sound mobile investigations.

The UFED 4PC and UFED TK also support forensic data extraction and decoding on legacy phones, portable GPS devices, (e. g. TomTom and Garmin), handheld tablets such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab, and devices manufactured using Chinese chipsets.

The UFED 4PC and UFED TK are available in two versions each: UFED 4PC Logical and UFED TK Logical, for logical data and password extractions; and the UFED 4PC Ultimate and UFED TK Ultimate, for in depth, physical, logical, file system and password data extraction.

Frost & Sullivan Introduces the Customer Experience Awards Programme

SINGAPORE, Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The inaugural Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Customer Experience Awards programme seeks to recognize companies that have pushed the boundaries of excellence, delighting their customers at every stage and in every interaction, rising above the competition and demonstrating outstanding performance in their industry.

The 2013 Customer Experience Awards will focus on the industries of Automobile Manufacturers, Banks, and Telecom Service Providers across India, mainland China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Looking at Customer Experience holistically, Frost & Sullivan will measure customer sentiment across various touch points, throughout the customer lifecycle in various industries. With this initiative, businesses will have an effective tool to measure themselves against industry standards, as well as against their peers. The results will be gathered through electronic surveys, with a sample size of 6,500.

“Increasing competition in the marketplace, empowerment of customers through new technologies such as social media, macro-economic climate change and others have meant a greater focus on the customer experience. The holistic experience of the customer has become the central theme around which everything else is organized,” said Sapan Agarwal, Senior Director, Global Best Practices Research, Frost & Sullivan.

He continued, “To stay competitive and survive the changes organizations are presently facing, they need to reassess the way they are structured, function and build relationships with customers. Closing the ‘reality gap’ between organizations and people is becoming the number one priority, more critical than ever before.”

Frost & Sullivan’s strong background in growth, innovation and leadership is complemented by its expertise in developing other highly acclaimed award programmes. These include the Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards and Asia Pacific ICT Awards, both of which are favorably regarded in the international community.

For more details on the 2013 Customer Experience Awards log-in to

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GSMA Announces Executives From Du, NEC, Ooredoo And Viva Bahrain To Speak At GSMA Mobile 360 Series-Middle East

LONDON, Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The GSMA today announced several new speakers for the Mobile 360 Series-Middle East conference, including C-level executives from Du, NEC, Ooredoo and Viva Bahrain, among others. Mobile 360-Middle East will take place 21-22 October in Dubai and will be co-located with GITEX at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“In just three weeks, the inaugural Mobile 360-Middle East conference will bring together leaders of companies across the mobile ecosystem to explore region-specific trends, as well as opportunities and challenges facing our industry in the region,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “Mobile 360-Middle East attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear perspectives and keen insights from leading CEOs, senior executives and subject matter experts and also share experiences and learnings with colleagues.”

Senior executives from leading mobile companies across the region have recently been confirmed to speak in the Mobile 360-Middle East keynote and conference programme, including:

  • Jayhun Mollazade, CEO, Azqtel
  • Osman Sultan, CEO, Du
  • Keiichi J. Miyahara, Corporate Chief Engineer, Mobile Network Operations Unit, NEC
  • Cynthia Gordon, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo
  • Dr. Tarik Yousef, CEO, Silatech
  • Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer, Viva Bahrain

These leaders join previously announced speakers in the conference:

  • Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, Head of Mobile, Dropbox
  • Anne Bouverot, Director General, GSMA
  • Anders Lindblad, President, Region Middle East, Ericsson
  • Ahmad Julfar, Group CEO, Etisalat
  • George Held, Vice President, Commerce, Etisalat
  • Bob Cai, Vice President, Wireless Network Marketing, Huawei
  • Muhammad Atif Jamil, Director, Mobile Broadband Solutions, Middle East Region, Huawei Technologies
  • Aaron Oliver, Head, Emerging Payments, MasterCard International
  • Dr. Nasser Marafih, CEO, Ooredoo
  • Ziad Matar, Head, Middle East and Central Asia, Qualcomm

Mobile 360-Middle East, featuring visionary keynote presentations, thought-provoking interviews and interactive panel sessions, will address the most pressing issues, opportunities and challenges facing the mobile industry. The conference will examine a wide range of topics of interest in the Middle Eastern region including mobile commerce and NFC; the role of mobile in industry sectors such as automotive, healthcare and smart cities; network evolution strategies; and the implications of big data for mobile, among others.

Industry leaders supporting Mobile 360-Middle East include Host Event Sponsor, Etisalat; Ooredoo, Platinum Event Sponsor; Ericsson, Gold Event Sponsor; and Huawei, Silver Event Sponsor. Mobile World Capital Barcelona is a Global Partner for GSMA events.

For more information on Mobile 360-Middle East, including the conference agenda and registration information, please visit

Cellebrite Prevails as Court Upholds All Nine Counts in Complaint Against Micro Systemation AB and MSAB, Inc.

PETAH TIKVAH, Israel and GLEN ROCK, N.J., Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Following Court’s Rejection of MSAB’s Motion to Dismiss, Cellebrite Moves Forward With its Copyright Infringement and Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Action

Cellebrite, the leading provider of mobile forensic solutions, today announced that the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has rejected Micro Systemation AB’s motion to dismiss all nine counts in a copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark infringement, and unfair competition Complaint filed by Cellebrite against Micro Systemation AB, and its wholly owned subsidiary, MSAB, Inc. The case will now proceed through the discovery phase and then to trial.


The Complaint alleges, among other things, that Micro Systemation unlawfully extracted Cellebrite’s copyrighted software and trade secrets from Cellebrite’s UFED products for Cellebrite’s Samsung and BlackBerry physical extraction solutions, reverse engineered, modified, and then integrated Cellebrite’s copyrighted software and trade secrets directly into Micro Systemation’s XRY software.

“We are confident in the strength of our claims against Micro Systemation AB and MSAB, Inc,” said Ron Serber, Cellebrite Corporate Co-CEO. “The Court’s rejection of the motion to dismiss is further validation of the factual and legal support for these very serious charges. We will continue to take all appropriate action to protect Cellebrite’s significant investments in innovation and development of cutting edge solutions for our customers and intend to pursue this case vigorously.”

French Brand “By Atelier” Makes the iPhone 5s Unique

PARIS, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Find more pictures on the newsletter or by visiting the website

Headquartered in the heart of Paris on Avenue Champs Elysees, the artisans of By Atelier create a resilient and beautiful chassis handmade for the latest and most advanced iPhone 5s*, applying only the most precious materials such as diamonds, gold, sapphire crystal, alligator leather, lacquer and 316L stainless steel, and using their expertise – refined skills that match those of high-end watch-making. By Atelier craftsmen transform completely, the smartphones into objects of luxury while conserving their cutting-edge technology.

By Atelier brings to connoisseurs and collectors worldwide, an inevitable accessory which asserts that true luxury can be intelligent – a fusion of cutting edge technology and self-assured style. The French brand, offers a unique luxury experience of modern made-to-measure, with hundreds of personalization options based on an advanced bespoke offer with an exclusive 24/7 concierge service.

When art meets innovation and design enhances technology, a yet undiscovered concept is being revealed. By Atelier, intelligent luxury.

By Atelier is a brand of Atelier Haute Communication, the leading expert of tailor-made handsets for luxury brands.

*Available and compatible for iPhone 5 owners.

By Atelier iPhone 5s will be available in selective distribution at retail price starting from 2,900 EUR to 9,500 EUR, and on pre-order on the official website (Including iPhone 5s 32 GB or 64 GB, leather pouch, and 1-year concierge service).