Cellebrite Extends its Line of Mobile Forensics Solutions with PC-Based UFED Software, Turnkey Hardware

Cellebrite the first and only mobile forensics vendor to provide a full range of flexible platform options for lab and field personnel

PETAH TIKVA, Israel, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cellebrite, the leading developer and provider of mobile data forensic solutions, today announces the launch of the UFED 4PC and UFED TK. Together with the UFED Touch, UFED 4PC and UFED TK constitute the first and only complete series of mobile forensic solutions across dedicated single purpose and general purpose PC-based hardware platforms to accommodate the broadest range of lab and field use cases.

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130123/588983)

UFED 4PC is designed for customers who require a convenient, cost-effective way to extract and analyze mobile forensic data on a single PC of their choosing. UFED TK supports users who seek to extract and analyze mobile forensic data on a pre-configured PC hardware platform. UFED 4PC may be installed on any Windows®-based PC, while UFED TK features the UFED 4PC software pre-installed and configured on a rugged PC hardware platform available directly from Cellebrite.

“The launch of the UFED 4PC and UFED TK extends the reach of our industry standard technology across multiple platforms,” said Ron Serber, Cellebrite’s co-CEO. “This means customers have the best possible flexibility in choosing a mobile forensic solution in the right form factor to meet their investigative needs, and that UFED classic customers have multiple options to migrate to our next-generation mobile forensic solutions.

Cellebrite’s UFED Series assists legally authorized investigative bodies such as law enforcement officials, military and intelligence organizations, corporate security officers and e-discovery professionals working on criminal or civil investigations. The UFED 4PC and UFED TK enable these professionals to standardize on a seamless mobile forensic process using a single platform, helping them meet the growing demand for fast, effective and forensically sound mobile investigations.

The UFED 4PC and UFED TK also support forensic data extraction and decoding on legacy phones, portable GPS devices, (e. g. TomTom and Garmin), handheld tablets such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab, and devices manufactured using Chinese chipsets.

The UFED 4PC and UFED TK are available in two versions each: UFED 4PC Logical and UFED TK Logical, for logical data and password extractions; and the UFED 4PC Ultimate and UFED TK Ultimate, for in depth, physical, logical, file system and password data extraction.


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